Friday, October 23, 2009

College trend: Cut-rate faculty

Yet another non-academic reaction to CHE survey. This one supports better pay for adjuncts, albeit with understandable pro-science implications. Note closing paragraph:

"Still, a Ph.D-toting chemistry prof shouldn't have to earn less than a newly minted master's recipient picked up by the local middle school. How do we recruit and keep good faculty in research-intensive fields if the pay is equivalent to what day-care workers and shopping-mall cashiers earn? If we value a college education, then let's figure out a way to pay these educators what their investment in at least six to 10 years of university training should be worth."

College trend: Cut-rate *faculty* Science News on 10/23/09

Adjunct faculty face precarious financial security despite their playing an increasingly pivotal role in many schools ...

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