Sunday, March 1, 2009

Resources: marching songs (morale builders!)

Bob Dylan's "Dignity," clearly enunciated:

Johnny Paycheck's "Take This Job and Shove It," to stirring industrial images:

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  1. Wonderful idea! More than just a single, this would also make a neat & relevant feature. If not an entire regular feature, perhaps a component of one on morale builders. We already have so much bad news to share.

    Here's more for the collection:
    Classic Labor Songs
    from Smithsonian Folkways collection. All downloadable. The collection includes Joe Hill (by the great Paul Robeson), Bread and Roses, Casey Jones (The Union Scab), Talking Union, 1913 Massacre (by Woody Guthrie), Which Side are You On?, Too Old to Work and more.

    While we're at, let's not forget Shelley's Mask of Anarchy, which was adapted to become the anthem of the British Labour Party. It's also the source of "rise...shake off your chains" and "you are many, they are few."

    ‘Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number.
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you—
    Ye are many—they are few.


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