Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Adjunct Solidarity

OK so you've probably already seen this but just in case, here's Scott Jaschik's report, Adjunct Solidarity, for IHE on the Weber U letter writing campaign.
"Given that Weber State isn't known for its activist professors, administrators there were surprised recently when letters and e-mail messages started to arrive -- not from adjuncts or their tenure-track colleagues at the university, but from New York, California and elsewhere -- as far away as Japan.....And the Weber State plan struck many adjunct activists at other campuses as salt in the wounds -- enough so that they needed to let the university know that someone was watching. The Coalition for Contingent Academic Labor organized the letter writing to the university's senior officials, and distributed a sample that said, of adjuncts at Weber State:...the letter-writing campaign is part of an effort to let colleges know that people are watching the decisions they make about adjuncts."
Steve Street commented on the adjunct listserv adj-l:
A clap on the back to John [Hess, COCAL-CA] for starting this campaign and to all who emailed, as well as to IHE for breaking the story and keeping on top of it.

That & New Faculty Majority Day are not the only campaign stops for the Visibility Express...


  1. i don't read IHE regularly and have dropped off
    the adj-l list so this was indeed news to me.
    i probably oughta check there more often.
    probably would too if they didn't spam me.

  2. Spam or not, IHE seems committed to adjunct issues, judging from its coverage. It's easy to check every morning, and it's easy to post comments on articles that affect us. In fact, I think the number and passion of such comments on previous articles has emphasized publications to the extent of the contingency crisis, if not alerted them to it.

  3. or was the reference to adj-l? The list can generate a lot of traffic not always characterized by optimum netiquette (eg snipping messages, changing subject line when subject changes). Send them to their own folder without supper. That's what filters are for. Setting for digest is another option. Also, you could add a keyword news feed widget to blog (so could we).

  4. But whichever - Steve is bang on about comments. I'd like to see a massive commenting campaign - moderately coordinated but minus attempts to micromanage or keep comments "on message."


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