Friday, February 27, 2009

Resources: the Coalition for Contingent Academic Labor

The venerable Coalition for Contingent Academic Labor, which has convened in eight international bi-annual conferences, sponsored Campus Equity Week, and founded a listserve (for information on how to subscribe, go to, is planning a “to move our work further within a new political context [by] founding … a regular electronic … newsletter … along with developing COCAL’s website” (meanwhile a Google search will turn up regional COCAL sites, including one to the international conference held in San Diego last August, with links to yet more sources of information on contingency:

The aim will be “to create a vibrant center to which contingent faculty [can] turn for help and useful advice.”

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  1. I'm looking forward to the newsletter - a real newsletter by and for adjuncts that is not a commercial by-product. There is so much more than just email that we can do to develop online networks.


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