Sunday, February 1, 2009

Resources: Adjunct Nation (Adjunct Advocate)

" is the on-line component of the Adjunct Advocate magazine. is updated several times each week. Jobs are added daily to the JOB-LIST."


  1. I'd favor a system that rates jobs posted by a system comparable to "best places to work" or Forbes "top 100 employers."

  2. I highly recommend Adjunct Nation as a source for information about an online faculty position. In fact, I found my first lead for online teaching on Adjunct Nation. I've been teaching solely online for the last five years. Believe me, online teaching saved my income after I had to evacuate New Orleans because of Katrina. I landed at my sister-in-law's kitchen with an old laptop and continued to teach my four online courses while almost every teacher in New Orelans was fired and sent to the unemployment line. I still check in on Adjunct Nation today for information about distance education positions.

  3. Goodness gracious, what a very late comment on such an old post. Is another one of your blogs?

    Don't overlook email discussion groups either ~ another good information source, in addition to mutual support and networking. There's no substitute for thorough research using multiple sources.

  4. Vanessa,

    Well, I spend some time every day looking around at blogs that discuss adjunct issues. I really did find my way to my first online adjunct gig by reading AN's "Going The Distance" forum. At the time, I was floored by the idea that college teachers were earning a living on the Internet! Yes, I have a number of blogs that promote the idea that traditional (on-ground) adjunct can increasing their incomes by teaching online. I agree with you that email discussion groups can be helpful, but I also think "cold calling" every school with a web site can pay off for any adjunct.

    Thanks for responding to my post.

    Dapper Fellow

  5. as a fellow blogger (and often on behalf of the blogwisely gormless), I think it would cool if you picked one of your online adjunct blogs and ran with it.

    I did the cold calling thing after researching online schools and visiting websites to get a "feel" for the school ~ got lucky unusually early in the process too, but I had a list of job list sites too.

    A few groups are now more into building lists and job hunting resources than 5 years or so ago. At least that is my impression.


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